Deborah Turner


The own label of Deborah Diane Turner

``Hi! I'm Deborah Turner, the founder of DEDITU.``

``I am an illustrator and surface / textile artist, working from either Birmingham, in the UK, or on the road—wherever my travels may take me.

I enjoy creating expressive, colourful, and detailed work, and am inspired by nature; and the cultures - people and places - around me.``

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Designed & Made

in the UK

I've worked as a professional designer for over 10 years, since graduating from Central St Martins art college in London. I almost always create my first motifs and sketches with a pen and paper, before pulling it all together in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop on the computer.

My studio is based in Birmingham in the UK, and I am proud to say that all of my products are UK made.


The Label


I've set up DEDITU as a place to showcase my own designs.

The name I chose for the label, DEDITU, is based on the first two letters of each of my initials, Deborah Diane Turner, and its meaning in Latin is dedicated or addicted.

Good things take time, and so do my designs. My work is bold, yet full of surprising details: which is exactly what I want for the label. DEDITU products are full of details, made from beautiful quality materials, and aim to speak to someplace in the soul, rather than follow a trend.

The Studio

Surface Patterns & Licensing Art

As well as producing designs for my own label, I also offer a wide selection of patterns and illustrations for license or sale through my design studio and design to commission.

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